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Making Our Mark on the Community

Making Our Mark on the Community

Financial Literacy

Making Our Mark on the Community

By: Zach Lundak

One of the reasons I’m so thankful to work at HBE is the support the firm gives to improving financial literacy in our community and across our state.  Having a grasp of financial literacy can help give young adults a firm footing as they look to their future beyond high school. HBE helps provide the tools that will give those young adults the resources they need to succeed.

I have been fortunate to be on the Financial Literacy Team along with Brian Klintworth, senior accountant at HBE.  Over the past year, we have educated young people on personal finance relieving undue stress on their future selves.

We have had a couple great partners in our effort to reach young people including the TeamMates Mentor Program and the Path to Success Conference hosted by Phi Beta Lambda at UNL.  TeamMates brought us in to their mentor training sessions to work with mentors so they can be better equipped to discuss personal finance with their mentees.  We were also able to speak to over 150 high school students from across the state during the annual Path to Success Conference hosted by Phi Beta Lambda on UNL’s campus.

TeamMates has proven to be a great partner in our Financial Literacy Program.  The mentors we have worked with have been engaging, and the staff at TeamMates has been excited to get HBE’s resources out to mentors across the state and even across the Midwest.  One key topic that we touch on in the TeamMates presentation is how to make education a possibility for students through combining multiple funding sources.  From scholarships to working in college to student loans, our presentation looks at the ways to pay for college to help show what a balance can look like and how college can actually be affordable for students.

Our presentation has ranged from 30 minutes to an hour and covered various topics like such as how young people balance saving and debt, investing, how to read a paycheck and common mistakes.  We’ve also developed a game for younger students to illustrate the importance of budgeting called Rolling With It.  Through a combination of real world examples and financial statistics, HBE is able to provide information that is vital to having a good understanding of basic finance.

Continuing to work with community partners and elevate financial literacy is a priority for us in 2018.  We are excited to continue the work we are doing and look forward to doing our part to make a difference in our community.  HBE has a strong history of community involvement and financial literacy is an area that our employees can use their strongest skills to help others in Nebraska get a firm financial footing.  If you go to our website at, you can find all of the resources that we use in our presentation.  These resources can be used to help someone you know get a bit better understanding of financial literacy!