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Business Services Solutions

Business Services Solutions

Business Services Solutions

Above and Beyond



As trusted advisors to our clients, we take a comprehensive approach to assessing and serving their needs. Through the core accounting and financial services we provide, we are uniquely positioned to identify additional opportunities to improve the overall operational effectiveness of your organization.


We are pleased to extend complimentary evaluations of any of the following transaction activities to determine whether cost saving opportunities may exist. These no-cost evaluations, provided by resources available to us through our membership in BDO Alliance USA, are offered completely independent of whether you select HBE to provide any services.



  • Accounts Receivable Management Services
    Free evaluation of account receivable and debt collection practices. Your company can experience improved cash flow and credit management through sound policies and procedures, third-party commercial debt collection, receivables/collections outsourcing and accounts receivable management.
  • Transportation and Shipping Costs
    Free cost savings analysis of shipping expenses. Some of the largest and best run companies can reduce transportation costs with a freight pay audit, transportation analytics and contract optimization.
  • Merchant Accounts and Payment Processing Fees
    Free evaluation of merchant services statements. An analysis of merchant services statements can determine if your enterprise activities are paying too much in credit/debit payment processing fees.
  • Property Tax Savings
    Free property tax savings analysis. Often overlooked as a normal cost of business, a review of tax records for your company’s property can produce significant savings through the use of innovative tax strategies or by identifying errors in the tax authority’s records.
  • Energy Efficiency Management
    Free energy cost review. An initial no-cost evaluation may help your company significantly reduce operating costs through increased energy efficiency, energy cost reduction, and effective management of utility costs.
  • Foreign Exchange Transactions
    Free FX management processes review. If your organization sells products or services internationally or imports/exports goods, you may gain substantial savings by reducing both cost and the risk (hedging) of foreign exchange transactions.
  • Telecommunications
    Free telecommunications bill evaluation. A thorough review of your telecom invoices and related expense may help expose billing errors or eliminate waste, as well as determine whether you are receiving “best in class” pricing from your telecom vendors.
  • HR Tax Credits and Incentives
    Free analysis of hiring-based tax credits. A review of your recruiting practices can help assess whether your business is taking advantage of the employment-based tax credits and incentives that may be available, including the Enterprise Zone and Worker Opportunity Tax Credit.


Please contact us at 402.423.4343 to learn how your organization can take advantage of this unique, risk-free opportunity.